Cabras, Sardegna Lemonot + Roberto Flore, Trasformazioni possibili

Trasformazioni possibili investigates the relationship between traditional products and contemporary supply chains, proposing a holistic approach to food systems for a culturally meaningful transition.

It explores seemingly immutable customs, highlighting the controversies in terms of their sustainability, while at the same time linking them to the identity, evolution, and economy of places. Cabras Pond is a paradigmatic example, with a community that has been built around the supply chain of bottarga di muggine (mullet roe) for centuries. However, the relentless demand in re- cent years has meant that local fishing quantities were no longer sufficient, and large amounts of roe imported from the Mediterranean and the Atlantic have also begun to be processed. 

The intervention reflects on these dynamics, inhibiting the development of more appropriate diversification processes. In response to an auction that took place in Cabras in November 2022, in which twelve "baffes" of entirely local bottarga were auctioned at up to 600 euros per kilogram, an alternative staging is proposed, one that supports an integrated research fund for the region's multiple resources. An auction that becomes a performative installation, first in the Chiesetta di San Vincenzo, part of the ancient Pischera 'e Mar 'e Pontis, and then in the spaces of the Italian Pavilion, where more than 500 cones of salt and twelve terracotta sculptures - encrusted in salt too - will remain for sale, via a digital platform, for the duration of the Biennale Architettura 2023. An abstract topography that summons the materiality of a fundamental element in order to tell the story of the Pond: the characteristic saltiness of its waters is actually the result of complex interactions between nature, environmental policies, the needs of the urban fabric, and production systems.


Lemonot is a platform for spatial and relational practices founded by Sabrina Morreale and Lorenzo Perri. Founded on Brexit day, today it moves between London, Italy, Vienna and Latin America. Lemonot operates between architecture and the performing arts.

Roberto Flore

Roberto Flore is a researcher in the field of food. In 2018, he founded the DTU Skylab FoodLab, an interdisciplinary laboratory for food system innovation located at the Technical University of Denmark.


Lemonot (Sabrina Morreale, Lorenzo Perri)


Roberto Flore


Cabudanne de sos Poetas (Luca Manunza)


Cabras, Sardegna

In collaboration with

RCA ADS7 2022/23

DTU Skylab FoodLab


Sardinia Film Commission


Associazione Culturale Perda Sonadora, Fondazione MEDSEA (Alessio Satta), Istituto di Istruzione Superiore Don Deodato Meloni, Nuovo Consorzio Pescatori Pontis, Sardinia Region – Fisheries and Agriculture Service, Royal College of Art – Royal College of Architecture RCA | ADS 7 – MA Architecture: Convivial-ism, Sa Pischera ‘e Mar ‘e Pontis, Technical University of Denmark DTU Skylab FoodLab 


Fulvio Accogli, Giuseppina Armas, Giulia Biancu, Filippo Brachetti, Giulia Camba, Giuseppe Cugusi, Federica Falcone, Francesca Frongia, Lorenzo Gori,Afton Halloran, Loïc François Hamelin, Ivana Loi, Antonella Manca (Terram), Raimondo Mandis, Daniela Meloni (Limolo House 56 Green), Flavia Monechi, Massimo Perri, Luca Pierini, Giorgio Proietti, Maria Luisa Sanna (Funtanamenta), Leone Santi, Alessio Satta, Elisa Scapicchio, Daniel Schandl Christiansen, Nando Secchi, Serena Trevisi Marceddu,Maria Pina Usai, Walter Usai